CT Series Programmable Digital Counter/Timers

The CT series digital counter/timers are integrated units with functions of counters and timers. The units feature various input/output operation modes and load contact capacity up to 5A for flexible application in diverse industries. The RS485 models allow remote parameter configuration and monitoring via PCs. The CT series is available in 4-digit and 6-digit models in 3 standard DIN sizes (48 × 48, 72 × 72, 96 × 96 mm).

Main features
  • Integrated counter/timer unit for counting and timing applications
  • RS485 (Modbus RTU) communication (communication models)
  • One-shot output time : 0.01s to 99.99s

Counter Functions
  • Various input/output modes (9 input modes, 11 output modes)
  • Prescale value range
    – 6-digit models : 0.00001 to 99999.9
    – 4-digit models : 0.001 to 999.9
  • Batch counting function, set count starting point (value) function

Timer Functions
  • Various output modes (11 output modes)
  • Time setting range
    – 6-digit models : 0.001sec to 99999.9hr
    – 4-digit models : 0.001sec to 9999hr
  • Set output time to 0 supported
  • Timer memory function (indicator models only)

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